We would like to introduce you an overview of the projects managed by the Smart IT Cluster. Our main areas of interest encompass:
Smart City
An innovative concept, which aims at managing our cities in an eco-friendly, modern, economical, efficient and fully controllable way.
Smart Metering
It is a comprehensive system of electronic electricity metres connected to the telecommunication infrastructure, central management system and databases. These latest technological solutions will contribute to the improvement of efficiency and cost-effective management of energy.
Smart Grid
An intelligent power grid. It utilizes the latest technologies, which allows for substantial improvement of efficiency, reliability and security of the electricity supply chain. It is based on communication between all entities participating in the energy market.
Intelligent Green ID cards can be equipped with numerous functions. Instead of carrying many cards, ID and other documents, everything may be stored on a single smart card.
The business and development services platform named GreenTeam is based on an innovative cloud solution. In order to successfully manage data in a company, proper equipment and programming environment is needed. Using a data cloud called GreenCloud provides more benefits for the customer and reduces the need to hire an IT team for system management. We provide a ready solution in form of a GreenPanel app for remote administration of servers. Our cloud computing architecture consists of special applications which make its management simple and intuitive. 
Green Control System
It is a family of products and a platform of business and development services for the sector of transport and logistics. Green Control System is based on a cloud integrated technology of distributed control and measurement environment. Each of the innovative applications manages certain aspects important in everyday life. If renewable energy sources as well as modern and smart solutions will be utilized for these aspects, then they will contribute to huge energy savings. As a result, the natural environment and all of us will profit.