Our Goals

The primary objective of the Smart IT Cluster is to integrate its members and their innovative technologies as well as to provide support in building their strong position in Polish and European markets of IT solutions. Another important facet of the Cluster’s strategy is creation of a smart grid technology for management of electricity which will improve competitiveness of the energy market and efficiency of energy use.
The main goals of the Smart IT Cluster:
  • integrating Polish IT technologies,
  • improving the competitiveness of the energy market and energy efficiency,
  • promoting sustainable development of cities (Smart City),
  • promoting and implementing the concept of an intelligent power grid (Smart Grid),
  • implementing the intelligent metering system (Smart Metering),
  • implementing programmes for energy demand management;
  • creating new forms of cooperation between the companies from the IT sector,
  • executing joint ventures and projects on a global scale,
  • establishing new contacts and share of knowledge and experiences,
  • creating a range of products and market offers as well as promoting it the European and non-European markets,
  • promoting members of the Smart IT Cluster and their products
  • integrating IT market participants in Poland,
  • supporting the implementation of innovative IT solutions in economy,
  • searching for and facilitating cooperation with respected foreign entities in the scope of implementation of innovative solutions,
  • increasing energy safety,
  • obtaining new technologies, knowledge and capital,
  • conducting scientific research, market and database analyses - cooperation with scientific as well as R&D institutions,
  • identifying administrative and trade barriers, and taking steps leading to introduction of changes which remove growth restrictions.