About us

Smart IT Cluster was founded in order to establish co-operation between entities operating in the field of innovative technologies and innovatory IT companies. The subject of Cluster’s activity are initiatives undertaken for supporting new technologies on Polish and European markets. Our consortium wants to promote and popularise IT solutions belonging to the Smart IT Cluster’s members and its co-operating entities, for we believe that creation of intelligent grid for energy management has an impact on improvement of energy market competitiveness and effectiveness of electricity usage. The key direction of the Cluster’s conducted actions is support of, f. in., public utility institutions or self-governments and enterprises in terms of new technologies and organisational solutions’ implementation. 
Smart IT Cluster especially focuses on integration of IT enterprises connected with the energy market, wanting to contribute to it with its new quality. The Cluster’s participants want to, first of all, promote smart grids which contribute to rationalisation and growth of effective energy management. That is why we deal with projects leading to implementation of the Smart City idea – an ecological and sustainable city, managed in a modern and thoughtful manner. Our priority programmes are also Smart Grid – intelligent energy grids and Smart Metering – intelligent measurement systems. 
Bringing those technologies in is made, first and foremost, with having in mind improvement of our country’s residents’ life quality to make them live more effectively and cost-effective in a clean, friendly environment. 
Actions undertaken by the Smart IT Cluster also focus on conducting scientific-research co-operation and commercialising its results. Implementation of projects connected with the use of renewable energy sources is strictly bound with the increase of electricity use effectiveness.